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VXZOC's new site..

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Well the site is coming on very well. Adam (topladz) has managed to get all the items that are needed to get a good profile page up for each member..a member photo, an avatar that shows on the left side of every post you post, the user signature is now up and running with text and picture facilitys available .The profile section also has a gallery added to it so that you can, add a few pics of your Zafira..I have

Over the last few nights i have ben transfering post form the introduction Section of the old VXZOC forum to this new one..i have also transfered the "HOW TO" section form old forum to new..also the "Recommended companies" posts..and the "xbox/ps3" username posts..

Adam has been busy setting things right on the site and sorting out how the forum will look, today he got the VXZOC logo on to the top of all the pages..amongst many numerous other things that are involved in getting a forum running..
Also today he has ben transfering members username and details from the old VXZOC to the new VXZOC which involves a "LOT" of wrist ache and arm aching "copy and Paste" to do it..

And tomorrow we will carry on again doing the transfer of info from one site to another..

Well Done Adam for making the new VZXOC look and be more better than the old VXZOC for Members and for Staff too..

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